Zentangle Art – What is it?

>>>>Zentangle Art – What is it?

Zentangle Art – What is it?

Zentangle art is an easy-to-learn & fun way of creating abstract images using the combination of lines, simple curves, dots, etc. Zentangles may belong to the category of doodle art but it is quite different from ordinary doodling.


The zentangle art came into the existence in the year 2005 when a calligrapher, Maria Thomas, found a sense of relaxation & satisfaction while creating a background pattern on the manuscript. A zentangle is an easy art-making method that helps in promoting concentration & creativity. Unlike doodling, this art is created with a mindful approach and focused attention. By practicing zentangle art, you can easily attain zen mode & relieve your mind from all the stress.

What is it?

Zentangles may sound like a new art concept but the basic foundation involved is quite historic. It has a core foundation in ancient and contemporary art that mirrors the design & pattern of various cultures such as Maori, Celtic, and American Indian, etc.

The Zentangle art form is all about creating beautiful tangles or patterns that are drawn on pieces of paper called titles. The patterns are created on these tiles in a manner that there is no up or down in zentangle art. You can easily rotate your zentangle art & create the pattern as you like.

Just like doodling, zentangle art allows you to create art without any prior planning. You may require to be fully focused but you can let it emerge unintentionally.

Traditionally, Zentangle art was created on 3.5-inch square title paper but you can always choose a square tile of any size. Some people prefer to use a big tile to create zentangles whereas some prefer the miniature size.

Why should you learn zentangles?

Creating zentangles not only helps you in providing a creative outlet but also helps you in attaining zen mode amidst your busy life. Although there aren’t any specific guidelines regarding how a zentangle should look like, however, there are definitely some rules that dictate how it is to be created. By practicing it as a hobby, you can keep your mind calm and relaxed at all times. The whole process of zentangle creation may look intricate but with little practice and patience, you can cultivate mindfulness & calm your anxious mind.

We’ve rounded up a few benefits associated with Zentangle art:

  1. Zentangle helps you relax

The first benefit associated with zentangle art is that it can help you relax your mind. People with anxiety issues are often suggested to practice zentangle as it helps in reducing stress & anxiety level. It also offers calmness and mindfulness which is why people find it soothing.

  1. It nurtures creativity

The next benefit associated with creating zentangles is that it helps in nurturing creativity. It is a creativity booster activity that can help you increase your artistic skills. Just by creating zentangles, you can express your emotions and creativity.

  1. It is therapeutic

The next benefit associated with zentangle art is that it is considered a therapeutic activity.  Many studies have proven that creating zentangle art can have a positive influence on the mental health of people. People who suffer from anxiety are often advised to create zentangle art as it helps them to attain peace of mind.

  1. It enhances focus

The next benefit associated with zentangle art is that it helps in enhancing focus. When you create a zentangle then you are required to focus all your attention on it. Some people struggle to maintain their focus & concentration which can be improved by practicing zentangles on a daily basis. By creating zentangles, you can train your mind to be more focused.

  1. It is simple from other art forms

Even if you are lacking any artistic skills then also you can create beautiful zentangles. It doesn’t require a higher artistic vision to create a zentangle. Just using a combination of lines, dots, and curves, you can create beautiful & aesthetically pleasing artworks.

  1. It reinforces aimlessness

Just like doodling, zentangle also reinforces aimlessness so you don’t have to plan out your artwork. Just go with your creative instincts & create art. It also makes you understand that you don’t always need to cultivate any specific aim as sometimes aimlessness can also make you thrive in life.

Is Zentangle art therapy?

Just like doodling, zentangle art is considered a therapeutic activity. Zentangle is considered art therapy as when people create this art then it helps in reducing anxiety and other issues. Creating zentangle art is truly calming and beneficial which is why people use it as a comfortable model for mindfulness.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that zentangle art is a great art form that everyone should consider practicing as it gives you creative freedom & lets you express your emotions freely.

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