Why Kids should be Encouraged to Doodle?

>>>>Why Kids should be Encouraged to Doodle?

Why Kids should be Encouraged to Doodle?

Growing up, most of us have been told not to doodle as doodling was thought to be a wasteful activity that holds no value. Doodling is a form of visual thinking which helps the kids to express their spontaneous emotions & let their creative instincts flow freely. Random scribbling may not make proper sense but it can definitely improve your creativity while keeping the brain healthy & energetic.

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The act of creating art comes naturally to kids, whether the medium is a crayon on the wall, chalk on the board, or just a pen on the paper.  Encouraging kids to doodle not only help them better express their emotions but also let their subconscious thoughts flow freely.

Traditionally, doodle art was dismissed as a time-wasting activity however, researchers have now discovered all the benefits associated with doodle art. It not only help kids to better understand the information but also facilitate creative thoughts.

Encouraging kids to take up doodling as a hobby can help their minds to be more spontaneous & active. Doodle art allows the kids to vent out all their suppressed thoughts & emotions. Even many successful people have confessed that they used to do doodle to vent out their creative thoughts.

Unlike any art form, the doodle art form doesn’t require specific drawing skills so even with minimal artistic skills, one can easily create amazing doodle artwork. Doodling is, in fact, the best way to help kids think creatively.

Still wondering whether kids should be encouraged to doodle?

Well, In this article, we’ve rounded up a few benefits of doodle art for kids:

Benefit #1: Doodling improves memory

One of the major benefits associated with doodle art is that it helps in improving the memory of kids. All the spontaneous scribbles marked on the paper can help in comprehending and retaining the information better. Doodling is a visual activity in which the mind crafts mental images of the things one scribbles. Doodling is a great way to solidify random thoughts & actually helps in improving memory, especially in kids. Researchers have also discovered that doodling while listening to classical music can help kids to boost their memory.

Benefit #2: Doodling boosts imagination

The next benefit of doodle art for kids is that it can help in boosting their imagination. When a kid doodles then different areas of his brain get activated which helps in boosting his imagination & non-cognitive skills. Through doodling, you can easily open the doorway to spontaneous creativity.

Benefit #3: Doodling encourages visual analysis

Most kids tend to face difficulty while performing visual analysis in their daily lives. By encouraging them to doodle, you can easily teach them different concepts such as distance, size, texture, etc. Doodling provides a great opportunity to learn different concepts easily.

Benefit #4: Doodling boosts confidence

Doodling can also help in boosting confidence in kids. Building confidence in kids is highly important to make them attain success in any area of life. Through doodling, you can encourage kids to create a physical representation of their spontaneous thoughts which helps in instilling confidence in them.

Benefit #5: Doodling makes children more expressive

Many kids can’t express themselves through words & actions so, encouraging them to doodle can help them to express themselves. Engaging in doodle art can help children to let their inner thoughts and emotions come out. Kids who are not much expressive should be encouraged to practice doodle art.

Benefit #6: Doodling enhances a child’s motor skills

Good motor skills are important for every kid and through doodling, they can easily manipular their hand actions as per their imagination. When a child is involved in doodling then it helps him in enhancing the specialized movement of hands, wrist & fingers, which is the best way to improve his motor skills.

Benefit #7: Doodling keeps the brain active

Doodling benefits the brain by keeping the child’s brain active. Doodling gives the brain proper mental stimulation that helps the kid’s brain to stay active. Doodling helps in keeping the brain present at the moment while activating the creative instincts.

So, these are a few benefits associated with doodle art for kids. Encouraging kids to doodle can activate visual senses & help better absorb the classroom lesson.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that doodling is a great way to help kids become more creative as it facilitates creative thought & help them become better visual learners.


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