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Doodle ArtSince the dawn of digital age, technology is assisting us to reduce human effort in every sphere of life but did we realize how this technology-based culture has resulted in diminishing people’s creative outlook.

Due to frequent exposure to technology, humans are no longer active creators. Now, imagine Leonardo da Vinci sitting idle (though his mind is preoccupied with abstract thoughts) on the last bench of the classroom and, trying to make the piece of paper, his canvas of imagination. Coming back to reality, now would a traditional school allow that to happen? Of course not, and the reason being that our enlightened teachers do not foster the creative instincts of students.  Changing dynamics of society and, academics are highly responsible for forcing young people to solely focus on the analytical and, more rational side of the brain.

The digital platform is getting in the way of human imagination. Doodling is a way of unlocking the window of human’s creative mind. This tech-savvy generation needs to keep their smartphones or tablets aside and, just grab a pen & paper and, let their imagination take off. It is one of the best ways to capture your artistic thoughts. The trend of going digital has taken away the art of creative thinking from humans.

Through random scribbling, one can communicate original ideas. In many artistic genres, doodling acts as a communication tool to convey abstract thoughts. In regular people’s life, doodling helps in releasing all their emotional turbulence. Many studies have proven that doodling helps in relieving psychological distress and retaining tedious information. It is an effective way of channelizing your creative energy.

In the world of advanced technology, humans have somehow forgotten how sacred the gift of intuition and imagination is. We are at the peak of civilization yet we are the most frustrated species on the planet and, the reason being that we haven’t explored the dimensions of our intuitive brain.

History has witnessed many great personalities such as Martin Luther King Jr, Pablo Picasso, and Rabindranath Tagore etc. have bedazzled the world with their work and, have confessed doodle to be their major tool. This art-form has profoundly influenced them to construct their fancy thoughts into reality. They believed in the power of their subconscious mind and, that’s how they attained success in their life.