Mandala Art as Therapy

>>>>Mandala Art as Therapy

Mandala Art as Therapy

Mandala art is a stressbusting art therapy that allows reflecting on the unconscious self. The word “Mandala” comes from a Sanskrit origin that represents the wholeness of life. Mandalas have been around for many ages and people have been using them for addressing many psychological issues.

Mandala Art as Therapy

The circle in the center pattern represents the basic structure of our ecosystem & also gives an insight into the creator’s unconscious soul. Mandala art has a deep spiritual meaning that is why many people & cultures have derived significant meaning from the mandala. Its enriched spiritual beauty helps in relieving stress & anxiety that is why it is often considered therapy.

Mandala art therapy was in practice for many ages as many health practitioners have long understood the healing power of art. Mandala art therapy is a self-soothing practice that is attained through the creation of geometric patterns. Mandalas are sacred symbols that are comforting and energizing which is why people with clinical mental issues are often advised to practice mandala art. It acts as a great tool to restore & heal our mind & body.

What are Mandalas?

Mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word for circle however, its meaning represents more than just a shape. A mandala is a great tool that helps us reflect upon ourselves. It is more than just a creative outlet as mandala art has been used as a therapy to help treat depression, grief, anger management, etc. Mandala is a great art form that has a different spiritual meaning in many cultures.

Mandala art is all about creating a symmetrical pattern in a repeated manner that helps in providing an outlet for artistic expression. It has proven to have a healing impact on people suffering from anxiety & stress. Moreover, mandala art also represents the unity that exists between all living beings & the universe.

How Mandala art is connected with meditation?

Mandala art is as therapeutic as meditation is as both activities help the mind to attain calmness by reducing all the stress & anxiety. Both mandala art and meditation help our body to achieve a new consciousness by bringing our mind & body to an ideal state.

Mandala art is often connected with meditation because it has healing properties that may help you improve better in other areas of your life. Moreover, both activities can be a great source of reflection on one’s soul.

Using Mandalas within art therapy

Over the last few years, many successful people have come forward to addressed the healing power of art therapy. Art therapy is all about attaining mental healing through the act of creating art. Art therapist particularly prefers mandalas for helping their patients as mandala acts as a powerful tool that reduces negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, etc.

Moreover, mandala art also offers a deep insight into the creator’s mental state. By creating mandala art, you can easily vent out all the emotions that are coming through your mind. Whatever you are feeling, you can easily reflect that in your art & can create something that is both meaningful & personal. Your instinct will guide you through the process of creation.

Creating mandala art can facilitate emotional expression and also act as a pathway towards meditation. Mandalas are sacred symbols that help in establishing transformative balance in the mind of the creator. In other settings, creating mandala art acts as a self-soothing tool as when you sit down and focus all your attention towards it then it helps in keeping your anxiety & stress under control.

Many tribal communities call mandalas as a flower of life as it represents the wholeness of life. Even if we look in nature, we can witness organic mandalas, from flowers, rainbow, seashells, etc. Mandala starts with creating round, symmetrical images that promote mindfulness & healing. By creating it, one can easily express his inner thoughts.

In art therapy, it is not about what results you get in the end instead it is about enjoying the whole process of creating it. The whole process of creating mandala art is meditation itself that is why people with poor mental health are often advised to incorporate mandala art therapy in their daily life.

Moreover, one doesn’t have to be a celebrated artist to draw beautiful mandala art, even with no creativity, you can create amazing mandalas.

For people who don’t know how to create a mandala, don’t worry! It is not as complicated as it seems. All you have to do is take inspiration from your surround and fill the circle with repetitive patterns. With consistent practice, you can also create artistic mandala designs. When it comes to the mandala, no design is considered wrong as you can just follow your instincts and draw whatever you feel like. In art therapy, it is not about how creative you are, it is about how you feel while engaging in the process of creation.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that creating mandala art is truly a self-soothing process. It allows the creator to achieve peace & balance in mind. Mandala art is a healing activity that can help you in making your life more blissful & meaningful.

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