Learn Doodle Art: A beginners Guide

>>>>Learn Doodle Art: A beginners Guide

Learn Doodle Art: A beginners Guide

Are you someone who loves to doodle but feels like not being creative enough? Well, doodling is a form of art that you don’t require any degree for. All you need to know are its fundamentals that can make your doodling more iconic & creative. Doodling is all about letting your creative instincts flow through your pen. It’s the sketching that you do using your subconscious mind, however, to make it more expressive, you need to start on the right foot.

Learn Doodle Art: A beginners Guide

Although there are no predefined sets of rules but learning some fundamentals can make your doodling session more enjoyable. You don’t have to be an artist to make your doodles Instagram or Pinterest worthy, we can help you learn the art of doodling by breaking it down into simple doable steps.

So what are you waiting for, let’s begin our beginner doodling guide:

Before creating creative doodles, first, you need to gather all the necessary tools that you would need in your doodling journey.

Here’s a list of tools that you need for doodling:

To create amazing doodles, you should have the right tools that

  • Dot journal
  • Drawing pad
  • Pens
  • Highlighter
  • Dual tip brush pens
  • Colored pencils
  • Watercolor with a brush sketch set

How to doodle?

When it comes to doodling, most people wonder where to start & what should they doodle? Doodling is a very subjective art form as some people love to sketch abstract patterns whereas some create cute characters and many other things. Doodling is a mindless task where you draw all the thoughts that run on your mind. Doodling may have a bad reputation in the schools but it has been proven scientifically to help your mind focus better. Even a person with zero artistic skills can doodle so it is a big conception among people that they can’t doodle if they can’t draw well. Just like any other art form, you can become perfect in doodling by practice & patience.

What to doodle?

Once you are equipped with the right tools then the question that will pop in your head is what to doodle. Always remember doodling is a personal art form so all your need to do is let your creative instincts flow freely & capture them in your journals through doodling. Think back to childhood days, how you use to scribble random things at the back of your notebooks. All those mindless scribbles were nothing but doodles. We all have done doodling in childhood so we just have to follow the same path. However, if that is not working for you then you can choose this alternative.

Start with doodling shapes

You can start your doodle journey by simply sketching some easy shapes & lines. Don’t jump right into creating big artistic doodle unless you want to disappoint yourself. Taking small steps in the right direction is far better than taking giant blind leaps.

Since all the doodles are nothing but a combination of shapes & lines so initially, you just need to put all your focus on perfecting it. You need to start with minimalistic shapes like squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles, etc.

Redefine basic shapes

You must be thinking about how is it possible to create amazing doodles just using these basic shapes. Well, it is true to some extent so you need to start playing around with creative variations of these basic shapes.

Consider breaking down all the doodles into simple shapes so that you can easily replicate them. It will help in making your creative mind more flexible when it comes to sketching creative doodles.

For example: If you break down an ice-cream cone doodle into simple shapes then, you will get 1 circle and 1 inverted triangle. So that’s how just by combining different shapes, you can create any complex doodles.

Create simple doodles

Once you master redefining basic shapes then you need to create simple doodles so that you can get hang of the whole doodling thing. Of course, your doodles will not look as aesthetically pleasing as the ones you will see on Pinterest but don’t lose hope as it takes proper practice to create complex doodles. Try to express your thoughts by scribbling simple doodles, this will help in building your confidence and will make you feel joy.

Doodle a variety of objects

Once you have mastered simple doodles then you can try doodling a variety of objects. You can doodle flowers, faces, and many other things. Don’t fear doodling abstract thoughts as it will block your creativity. Doodling is a therapeutic way of expressing yourself so don’t shy away from doing it.

Doodle everyday

It may be just a hobby to some but if you want to take it up as your passion then you should consider doodling every day. By doodling every day, you can easily master the craft in the short span of time. It has also been proven by researchers that doodling activates the part of the creative outlet of the brain. Moreover, doodling can also be a great way to release all your stress and tension.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that doodling is a great art form that anyone can easily learn. You don’t have to be an artistic person to start your doodle journey. All you need is the right set of tools that will help you in bringing all your creativity on the piece of paper.

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