How to make a mandala

>>>>How to make a mandala

How to make a mandala

A mandala is an intricate circular geometrical design that holds a deep spiritual meaning. If you love doodle art then you’ve likely encountered a mandala. Doodle art is absolutely incomplete without mandalas. Creating mandala is a great way to establish a deep connection between inner mind & outer reality.

Mandalas have a deep rooted spiritual meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism which symbolises that everything in the universe is connected. Historically, the signficance of mandala can be traced back to origin of human civilization. It has always been used as a tool that helped individuals look inside themselves & increase self-awareness. In the western civilization, designing mandala is considered both therapeutic & inspiration.
Before getting started to create a mandala, first, we need to understand

What is a mandala?
Mandala is a complex design that comes from sanskrit origin, which implies “circle”. Generally, it represent two different visions: first, it act as a inner guide and secondly, it acts as a visual representation of the universe. It is a great outlet for meditation & to channelize all the creative instincts. Traditionally, mandala was just a geometric design that represents the various heavenly world. However, in the recent years, making mandalas is seen more as a art therapy that helps in calming & comforting the mind & the soul.

How to draw a mandala?
Most novice doodlers tend to get intimidated by complex mandala designs but it’s actually the opposite. The complex design of mandala is all about following a rythm over and over again. Just with right tools & constant practice, you can easily create beautiful mandala patterns.

Tools required
To make your artwork looks just like professionals, you need to get the right set of tools. With the right tools, you can easily draw mandalas that will give you the satisfaction of a beautiful artwork.

⦁ Drawing sheet
⦁ Pencil
⦁ ruler
⦁ protactor
⦁ Marker

Let’s get started!
First, you need to start with a rough idea of the pattern you want to sketch. Also, if you are just a beginner then avoid going for a complex mandala, and start with a simple one. You can look in your surrounding for the inspiration, and make sure to start with the innermost circle then grow it in a free flow style.
To create your mandala effortlessly, you need to take it as a meditation practice instead of a task. Don’t set a certain goal in your mind, and just go with a flow so that you can let your creativity flow freely. The best thing about doodling mandalas is that you can incorporate any shape or pattern that comes in your mind. Don’t restrain yourself from drawing unique patterns.

Step 1: Plan a rough draft of mandala
Although it is completely okay to not plan a mandala but if you are a beginner then it is better to plan a rough draft so that you can keep the rhytm without losing focus.

Step 2: Create a series of circles
Draw a series circle using the compass in the middle of the page. Make sure to keep equal space in all of them so that you get enough space to create the desired pattern inside them.

Step 3: Create a pattern in the circle
Once you have created all the circles then you should start filling the inner space with patterns & shapes.

Step 4: Replicate the pattern
Make sure to be slow and replicate the whole pattern until you fill out that circle. Make sure to create draw a new pattern in every circle so that looks aesthically pleasing.

Step 5: Finish up the mandala
Once you’re done creating the patterns in the mandala, the next thing that you need to do is ensuring that there are no extra lines on your canvas. Erase all the template circles that you drew at the beginning.

Step 6: Fill colors in your mandala
The last step in your mandala creation is filling colors in it. You can choose any combination of colors or you can also leave it black & white. You can choose any colors according to your preference, be it crayons, pencil or water color, etc.

So, these are all the steps involved in creating a mandala art. Again, you don’t have to be an artistic to create a beautiful mandala design as just by consistent practice, you can let your creativity bloom.

Final Thoughts
Wrapping it up, we can say that creating mandala is absolutely theraputic and can help you bring out all your emotions through art. Mandala offers a great outlet for creativity & also nurture you mind so don’t forget to create your own mandala following all the steps mentioned above.

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