How to Create a Beautiful Bullet Journal When You Aren’t Artistic?

>>>>How to Create a Beautiful Bullet Journal When You Aren’t Artistic?

How to Create a Beautiful Bullet Journal When You Aren’t Artistic?

So you love journaling but don’t have enough artistic vision to make your bullet journal both beautiful & functional. Well, you don’t necessarily require any artistic talent to make your bullet journal beautiful, just by applying the right set of tips & tricks, you can add some artistic flair to your journal.


Starting a bullet journal may seem like a daunting task if you believe that one needs to be artistically inclined to create an eye-catching bullet journal. Bullet Journal or BuJo is a blent of a to-do list, diary & planner which is an efficient way to organize all your ideas. Bullet journaling allows you to take all your notes in a fun way so you should make efforts to make your journal look artistic.

The internet is filled with aesthetic bullet journal ideas but they don’t necessarily help beginners to set up their beautiful bullet journal. If you are not artistic then you might find most of the inspirational template quite overwhelming.

So even if you aren’t artistic, still we can help you create a beautiful bullet journal that is both creative and functional. To make your bullet journaling experience smooth, we will let you know some time-saving techniques that can help you set up and improve your journal.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few easy tips that can help you get better at journaling:

Get a cute journal

To make your bullet journal Pinterest & Instagram worthy, first, you need to get a cute journal.  You can make your journal look artistic from the inside but it is important to make it look from the outside.  By choosing an aesthetically pleasing journal, it will keep you enough motivated to keep up with daily journaling.

Keep your layouts clean & simple

If you are just a beginner then don’t overwhelm yourself by choosing a complex layout for your journal. You should aim for maintaining a clean & simple layout so that you can easily keep up with it. A complicated journal layout will not only take up most of your time but also can make you feel frustrated at times. So if you want to save some time & effort then always go for clean & simple layouts.

All the overly complex layouts that you see on the internet are not made overnight, it requires a lot of practice to possess such advanced skills.

Make use of stencils

Even if you aren’t artistic, still you can add some personality to your journal by making use of stencils. Stencils are a great investment when it comes to bullet journaling. With this tool, you can easily create amazing icons and can also improve your lettering. There are a plethora of amazing stencils available in the market so you easily avail them to make your bullet journal aesthetically pleasing.

Add cute doodles

Another amazing way to amp up your bullet journal is by adding some cute doodles. Doodle is something everyone is capable of so by doodling cute patterns in your journal, you can make it Instagram worthy. Add at least one doodle in your journal pages so that it looks creative.

Add a pop of color

Another easy way to make your bullet journal look artistic is by adding a pop of color in it. By using a colorful palette in your journal, you can add some personality to it. Make sure to use the right color combination so that all the colors compliment each other.

Use stickers

You can also use stickers to make your bullet journal to elevate the aesthetics of your journal. If your drawing skills are not good then you can use stickers to make it look beautiful & functional. It is a great way to fill up the monotonous white spacing in your journal. Also, if you buy matte stickers then you can also add some more colors to them.

Go minimalistic

You can also choose to keep your bullet minimalistic. You don’t have to be overly artistic at all times to make your bullet journal beautiful. The minimalistic journal looks equally beautiful so if you don’t want to go overboard with all the artistic designs then you can just stick to minimalistic designs.

Sketch with pencil first

The next thing that you can consider doing is sketching with a pencil first. If you are going for a complicated design then it is important to use a pencil so that you can fix the design easily.

Use creative washi tapes

The next thing that you need to do is to use creative washi tapes to decorate your bullet journal. Washi tapes come in beautiful designs so you can easily use them to make your bullet journal eye-catching. You can also color-code your journal with different washi tapes so that every journal looks unique and pleasing to the eyes.

So, these are a few interesting ways in which you can make your bullet journal Pinterest worthy. You don’t have to be an artistic person to make your journal look beautiful. Just by applying a few tips & tricks, you can beautify your journal.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that beautifying the bullet journal may seem quite daunting but in reality, it is not so. Just take it as a fun project & you can easily embellish your journal with beautiful patterns.

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