How is Doodle art different from other art forms

>>>>How is Doodle art different from other art forms

How is Doodle art different from other art forms

All art forms are a medium of visual performance that allows an artist to express his impulses, however, doodle art has a different approach than other art forms such as drawing, sketching, illustration, etc. Unlike other art forms, doodling is the act of creating art when the mind is already occupied.

How is Doodle art different from other art forms?

We all have done doodling in our school days. From creating funny creatures to abstract patterns, we’ve done it all. Remember how it never required any special artistic skills to create doodle art. Even though doodling is strikingly different, it still is an amalgamation of all art forms. Doodling involves sketching, drawing, illustrating, etc. so it is not a different art form entirely.

To help you understand better, We’ve rounded up all the possible ways in which doodle art is different from other art forms:

  1. No artistic skills required

One of the major differences between doodle art & other art form is that in doodling, one doesn’t have to be artistically inclined to create art. Unlike other art forms, doodle art involves mindless drawing so even if you lack artistic skills, then also you can create doodle art like no other.

  1. Engages subconscious mind

Art forms like drawing, painting, etc engage the conscious part of our mind but when it comes to doodling, our unconscious mind takes over. In doodling, it is not necessary to create meaningful drawings as you can let your creative instincts fly. You can create anything even if it doesn’t imply any specific meaning.  Doodling is all about idle scribbling as it is done while your conscious mind is preoccupied with other things.

  1. Doodling doesn’t require focused thinking

The beauty & power of doodling is that it doesn’t require focused thinking. Drawing and painting are all about making accurate shapes, patterns, etc which is why one needs to keep his mind fully focused which is absolutely not required in doodling. The nature of doodle art makes it more therapeutic which is why people with mental issues are advised to incorporate doodle art.

  1. Doodling is much simpler than other art forms

The next difference between doodle art and other art forms is that doodling is less overwhelming. Other art forms require proper knowledge and practice whereas doodling is all about scribbling whatever comes to your mind. You don’t have to draw complex shapes that invoke poise. You just have to let your creativity flow by drawing whatever your subconscious mind is envisioning.

When it comes to other art forms, you need to understand the concept and follow all the rules in order to develop beautiful art pieces however, in doodling you can create beautiful art pieces without putting too much pressure on yourself.

  1. Doodling doesn’t have a particular technique

The next major difference between doodle art and other art forms is that doodling doesn’t involve a particular technique. Even though drawing and doodling are quite related still, there is no particular technique involved in doodling. Doodling is an act of creating art when your mind is bored so the subconscious mind takes over and lets the creative instinct flow.

  1. Doodling encourage to draw expressively

The next difference between doodling and drawing is that doodling lets you draw expressively. In drawing your creativity gets obstructed by the rules that you are required to abide by whereas in doodling, you can draw whatever you wish you draw. Doodling is a way in which you can simply let your mind lose free and draw anything that your mind wants to express.

  1. Doodling can help your mind relax

The next way doodle art is different from other art forms is that it can help you stay calm and relaxed. Many therapists recommend their patients to practice doodling whenever they feel stressed. It also helps in keeping your mind free from any worries. Once you practice doodling on a daily basis, you can feel a sense of satisfaction.

So, these are a few ways in which doodle art is different from other art forms. Even with no artistic background and creativity, you can easily create doodle art and can make your creativity bloom. With doodling, you can express your thoughts and create beautiful art pieces.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that doodling may seem similar to other art forms but it is strikingly different. It offers a great outlet to help you express your thoughts by amalgamating them with creativity.


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