How Doodling Can Boost Creativity?

>>>>How Doodling Can Boost Creativity?

How Doodling Can Boost Creativity?

Do you think doodling is just a waste of time? Well then you are far from reality as doodling can actually help enhance focus, and sparks creativity. Many researches conducted in the recent year have proven that the so-called senseless doodling is a great tool for information retention & creativity.

how doodling boost creativity

Although doodling is just meaningless drawing but it shouldn’t be categorized merely as a distraction as it helps in unleashing the surpressed creative instincts. By letting out your creative thoughts through doodling, you can become more creative.

People like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Walk Disney, all these highly successful people were doodlers. They used doodling to open the doorways of their creative thinking. Unlike popular believe, Doodling doesn’t hinder cognitive performance. It actually helps your mind to brainstorm. We all have hidden capability to be creative that tends to get hindered by mundane activities of daily life.

Doodling is a thinking tool that helps in giving your mind ability to grasp new concepts easily. All the spontaneous drawings helps in giving your mind a creative bend that you can further use in any areas of your life.

Here we’ve rounded up all the ways in which doodling helps you become more creative:

Doodling helps you think differently
To be creative, it is important to think out of the box and doodling helps in stimulating the areas of your mind that unlocks the power to think differently. When you doodle, your subconscious mind take over and channelize all the creative thoughts into great ideas. Doodling is all about drawing all the visual thoughts that helps you in analyzing information differently.

Doodling encourage big-picture thinking
It has been proven scientifically that when we go into too much details then we tend to overlook the sight of big-picture, whereas, when you doodle you encourage your mind to concentrate on the big-picture. Going too deep into the details can make you loose your perspective which is why you should stop for a moment to doodle the whole idea so that you can see the big-picture.

Doodling encourages brain to be “in the moment”
Doodling is a mindful meditation that encourages the mind to be present “in the moment”. Doodling is like a power-nap for the brain which activate the subscious mind towards the creative thinking. It forces the brain to calm down & concentrate on the creative instincts.

Doodling provide a creative outlet
To become more creative, it is important to provide your mind an outlet from which it can spur all the creative insights. When you doodle, you let your subconscious mind to unwind its creative thoughts. By doodling on a daily basis, you can dump all your creative ideas on the piece of paper and can boost relaxation & calmness in mind.

Doodling comes with no rules
Doodling helps you become more creative as it doesn’t come with any set rules and regulation. When it comes to doodling, there is no right and wrong. The amount of flexibility one gets in doodle art helps in making them more creative. Unlike other art forms, doodle art doesn’t require the full attention of your mind. You can do it anywhere at any time and let your creativity spark.

Doodling helps in eliminating creative block
Having creative block can be quite frustating but through doodling you can eliminate it some extent. Doodling can keep your creative side well-tuned and can help in eliminating the creative block. It will truly help in changing your creative outlook, making your mind more aware for creative experiences.
If you consider yourself a non-creative person then you should incorporate doodling in your daily schedule as it can make your mind more creative. Always remeber, everyone has a capability to think creatively, and nothing is a better way to channelize your inner creativity other than doodling.
Doodling everyday, even for 20 minutes can works like a magic. It can unleash your inner creative thoughts and can help you process things creatively.

Final Thoughts
Wrapping it up, we can say that the act of doodling can help your creative juice flow in your mind. By scribbling your subconscious thoughts on paper, you can definetly improve your creativity and can help you enhance your life.

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