How Doodling Benefits your Brain

>>>>How Doodling Benefits your Brain

How Doodling Benefits your Brain

Drawing random things as your brain is already occupied with other actions is considered doodling. Doodling may look appear like a meaningless action but it isn’t so. Whether you are on a conference call or attending a tedious lecture, being all ears is quite challenging so it is certainly obvious that your hands want to be a part of the action.

How Doodling Benefits your Brain

Traditionally, doodling had a bad reputation of just being a distraction, however, over the years, it has been proved that doodling is actually good for keeping your brain working actively. It may be done absent-mindedly but it is packed with many cognitive benefits. The art community may not take doodling seriously but it is a great way to express your ideas & emotions.

In this digital age, many academic institutions have abandoned drawing classes which have prompted some backlashes as drawing is as important for boosting cognitive abilities as any other subject. The designer Milton Glaser suggests that “when you draw anything then our mind deeply attentive”.  Likewise, when you doodle something then it helps in grasping the concept precisely. Unlike other art forms, it doesn’t require artistic skills as you can create doodle art just by following your creative instincts.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few ways in which doodling benefits your brain:

Doodling helps in improving your concentration

The first benefit associated with doodling is that it can help you concentrate. A study conducted by psychologist Jackie Andrade of the University of Plymouth showed that people who engage in doodling tend to retain more information than people otherwise. He further explained that when someone is engaged in doodling then it helps to keep them from zoning out. Moreover, doodling also allows you to multitask by improving your cognitive processes.

Doodling helps in relieving stress

The next benefit associated with doodling is that it helps in relieving stress by tapping into your subconscious mind. People with stress and anxiety issues are often advised to incorporate doodling in their lives to help them from the constant narrative that keeps running in their minds. Doodling acts as a tool to relieve stress by keeping the mind free of all random thoughts.

Doodling enhances problem-solving

Doodling is a great way to help you enhance your problem-solving abilities. It has been proven that doodling encourages visual thinking & make it easier for our mind to come up with great ideas. Even in many companies, people are encouraged to doodle their ideas in brain-storming sessions.

Doodling provides a creative outlet

Nowadays, both creativity and productivity are important to excel in any area of life. Having a creative outlet is important to let your creative instincts bloom. Doodling is an absolutely fun & amazing way to let out your subconscious incubation of ideas.

Doodling helps you learn new concepts easily

Learning new concepts can become quite strenuous sometimes, however, with doodling, you can grasp all the concepts easily. No matter how difficult a concept is, you can always easily understand it through doodling.

Doodling gives a break to your brain

Yes, you read it right. Our brain also needs a break from all the constant thoughts that keeps running in it. When you doodle, you are actually giving your mind some break by getting rid of all monotonous thoughts. It not only helps in freeing your mind but also helps in processing your emotions. Just like journaling, doodling is great for allowing your mind to channelize all the suppressed thoughts & ideas.

Doodling encourages self-care

In modern times, sparing some time for self-care is of utmost importance as it is not only therapeutic but also keep all the stress & tension at bay. By practicing doodle art, you can help your brain to become more calm & composed. Many people find doodling therapeutic as it allows them to release all their complex emotions & thoughts.

So, these are a few ways in which doodling benefits your brain. Unlike other art forms, doodling is not about showing artistic abilities but acts as a powerful tool to bring physical & neurological experience. Doodle has many perks on the human brain as it helps in unleashing the power of cognitive abilities.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that doodling benefits your brain immensely as it not only help you unleash your creative instincts but also help in elevating your cognitive performance. Due to its therapeutic nature, practicing doodling is often advised to make the mind more calm & relaxed.

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