How Doodle Can Enhance Your Spontaneity

>>>>How Doodle Can Enhance Your Spontaneity

How Doodle Can Enhance Your Spontaneity

Doodle art is an incredible way to let your mind follow its creative instincts. This art form can enable you to visually express your thoughts. As a spontaneous art form, it can train your mind to express spontaneous concepts & emotions.

How Doodle Can Enhance Your Spontaneity

Even those meaningless scribbles in the middle of a tedious lecture can enhance your spontaneity. Doodle art helps in translating all your thoughts into a visual language. Many studies have proven that doodling not only fosters creativity but also helps in enhancing spontaneity. Many successful people have admitted to being a doodler, and they have used this art form to generate new creative visions. Random scribbling may seem like a wastage of time but actually, it’s a great way to channelize creativity.

People who scribble during meetings may look distracted but it certainly helps them to think out of the box. Gone are the day when doodling had a bad reputation associated with it. Now researchers have proven that doodling can help you focus better & also encourage memory retention. The art of doodling can also help your express yourself & allow your creative instincts to bloom.

Unlike other art forms, the doodle has nothing to do with the accuracy of the design and pattern as you just have to draw mindlessly. When we doodle, we engage our mind with visual thinking. The act of doodling not only helps in expressing your subconscious thoughts but also helps in calming your mind.

Doodle as a freestyle art

Doodle is a freestyle art that allows you to be creative. Doodling isn’t just for artists as people with no artistic skills can also doodle it. Doodling is termed freestyle art because there are no specific rules associated. You can doodle anything from words to designs and patterns, you can doodle anything that comes to your head. Just like any freestyle art, you can easily improvise your drawing. As we all know that any improvisation requires spontaneity which is why doodle helps in enhancing spontaneity.

Although doodling is free of any rules, still, there are some unwritten guidelines that you need to take into consideration while doing doodle art.

  • Simplified drawing:

When it comes to doodling, all you need to know is the shape, volume & proportions. By having a good understanding of drawing in general, you can easily doodle whatever comes to your mind.

  • Not required to erase mistakes:

The next thing that you should always consider is to avoid erasing. Doodles are just mindless scribbling so it doesn’t have to be perfect in any way. When you use it while doodling then it activates “fear thinking”, which can stop you from expressing yourself freely. In doodling, you are not supposed to control your thoughts & it should always flow freely.

  • Let the thoughts come free

In doodling, it is important to let your thoughts fly as then only you can draw spontaneously. If you try to control your thoughts then you won’t be able to doodle effortlessly.

Doodle your way to enhance spontaneity

Doodling is a spontaneous activity that can enhance your spontaneity & train your mind to think out of the box. When you doodle your thoughts, it can actually help you understand better. When you doodle, then your subconscious mind trigger insights that are not possible through words. In doodle art, the aesthetic doesn’t matter, and all you have to focus on is the concept you are trying to convey through doodling. When you don’t judge your thoughts & let them flow through doodling then it can help in enhancing your spontaneity.

The more you doodle, the more it will train your mind to think creatively & spontaneously. Doodle art is a mindless activity so, you don’t have to force your mind to think. You just have to follow your subconscious thoughts then let them flow on paper. Doodling is more than just an art form. It is a thinking tool that can express creative energy & can make your mind more active.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that doodling is a great activity that can help your mind to stay more spontaneous. Being an unpredictable art-form, it allows your mind to express its creativity.

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