Debunking Common Myths about Doodling

>>>>Debunking Common Myths about Doodling

Debunking Common Myths about Doodling

Has anyone ever look down on you or scold you for engaging in the act of doodling? Well, you are not alone. We all have been there. Doodling is a spontaneous creative activity that is often considered a wastage of time, but in reality, it acts as a great tool to spark creativity in the mind.  Most academicians think that if the child is doodling while attending the class then he is not focusing. This is the major reason why doodle art never gets promoted in educational institutions.


Unlike popular opinion, doodling is neither silly nor a sign of lower intelligence. On contrary, people who doodle tend to have higher analytical & creativity skills as compared to non-doodlers. Doodling is a fun activity that not only helps your creative instinct blossom but also helps in keeping your mind calm & relaxed.

To help more and more people understand the beauty & the power of doodle art, it is important to debunk all the myths associated with it. Doodling is a great art form that doesn’t require proper attention and effort as it is done from the subconscious mind. The beauty of doodle art lies in the fact that it doesn’t come with a fixed set of rules.

In this article, we’ll debunk all the common myth associated with doodle art:

Myth #1: It takes years of practice to master doodling

One of the most common myths that revolve around doodle art is that it takes years to master it. Well, this is absolutely incorrect. You can easily create aesthetic doodle art with a little practice and patience. Just like any art form, you surely need to spare some amount of time on practicing it but you don’t need years of practice to create doodles.

Myth #2: You have to be artistic

The next common myth associated with doodling is that one has to be artistic to be good at doodling. You definitely have to be artistically inclined to do doodling. People with zero artistic skills can also do doodling. Whether you are born with artistic skills or not, still you can do doodling like a pro.

Myths #3: Doodle art hamper focus

One of the biggest myths associated with doodling is that it hampers focus, however, in reality, it helps in keeping your mind focused. If you doodle while doing other things then it helps in building your concentration level.

Myth #4: Doodling reduce learning skills

The next myth on the list is that they reduce learning skills. Well, on a contrary, doodle art offers a great outlet to improve learning skills. Even people with a high problem -solving ability tend to doodle to maximize their capabilities. You can easily grasp any concept through doodling which is why most people use doodling to learn any new thing.

Myth #5: You need to follow a template while doodling

You don’t need to follow a template while doodling. Doodling is an act that is done from a subconscious mind. You can take inspiration from the doodle template but you don’t need to have to follow it. You can create your doodle just by letting your creativity fly. Also, don’t keep any firm expectations, just let your creative instincts take over and you will get pleasantly surprised with your own creation.

So, these are the 5 most common myths associated with doodling. Doodle art is packed with immense benefits that can help you in any area of life so taking it as a wastage of time is totally wrong.

Most people think that doodling can hamper a child’s productivity but it actually helps in improving it. Many successful people like Albert einsten, bill gates used to doodle to let their creative instincts bloom. You can also utilize the power of doodle art to make your mind more focused & smarter.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, Don’t let the common myths stop you from creating creative doodles. It should be promoted everywhere as it has so many benefits associated with it.

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