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Why Kids should be Encouraged to Doodle?

Growing up, most of us have been told not to doodle as doodling was thought to be a wasteful activity that holds no value. Doodling is a form of visual thinking which helps the kids to express their spontaneous emotions & let their creative instincts flow freely. Random scribbling may not make proper sense [...]

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How Doodle Can Enhance Your Spontaneity

Doodle art is an incredible way to let your mind follow its creative instincts. This art form can enable you to visually express your thoughts. As a spontaneous art form, it can train your mind to express spontaneous concepts & emotions. Even those meaningless scribbles in the middle of a tedious lecture can [...]

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What do Your Doodles say About You?

Do you find yourself doodling absentmindedly, whenever you are attending a lecture or a phone call? Though these random scribbles may seem like a quick escape they are more than that. Whenever you doodle, you allow your subconscious mind to take over & spill out all the random thoughts that keep running in your [...]

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How is Mandala Art different from Zentangle Art?

Want to start doodling but don’t know much about all the different styles of doodling. Well, two of the most popular & unique styles of doodle arts are mandala & zentangle. Both of these art forms may have some specific attributes but both are equally beautiful & therapeutic. How is Mandala Art different [...]

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How Doodling Benefits your Brain

Drawing random things as your brain is already occupied with other actions is considered doodling. Doodling may look appear like a meaningless action but it isn’t so. Whether you are on a conference call or attending a tedious lecture, being all ears is quite challenging so it is certainly obvious that your hands want [...]

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Mandala Art as Therapy

Mandala art is a stressbusting art therapy that allows reflecting on the unconscious self. The word “Mandala” comes from a Sanskrit origin that represents the wholeness of life. Mandalas have been around for many ages and people have been using them for addressing many psychological issues. The circle in the center pattern represents [...]

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Zentangle Art – What is it?

Zentangle art is an easy-to-learn & fun way of creating abstract images using the combination of lines, simple curves, dots, etc. Zentangles may belong to the category of doodle art but it is quite different from ordinary doodling. The zentangle art came into the existence in the year 2005 when a calligrapher, Maria [...]

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How is Doodle art different from other art forms

All art forms are a medium of visual performance that allows an artist to express his impulses, however, doodle art has a different approach than other art forms such as drawing, sketching, illustration, etc. Unlike other art forms, doodling is the act of creating art when the mind is already occupied. We all [...]

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Debunking Common Myths about Doodling

Has anyone ever look down on you or scold you for engaging in the act of doodling? Well, you are not alone. We all have been there. Doodling is a spontaneous creative activity that is often considered a wastage of time, but in reality, it acts as a great tool to spark creativity in [...]

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