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Doodle art The technical connotation associated with the word doodling is drawing unconsciously.  It’s like spilling all your abstract thoughts on a piece of paper, such thoughts come out of nowhere and, that’s what makes this art-form more fascinating. Doodling is a spontaneous result of the amalgamation of fertile imagination with artistic skills. Many studies have also proved that it helps in keeping your mental health intact.

Doodling is a way of giving expression to our sub-conscious mind. As a child, we all have some fond memories like when we used to scribble or draw non-curricular stuff on the back pages of our notebook while the teacher was teaching. Also, we all must have come across a lot of people making aerial designs while holding conversations.

Basically, it is that form of art for which you need not have to be an artist. Doodling comes with no precise definition but in a nutshell, it can be summed up as putting daydreaming on paper. I firmly believe that “If you can imagine it, you can doodle it”

In the present time, doodling is considered as a powerful tool of self-expression. The purpose of this art-form in daily life is to communicate new ideas, to release emotional turbulence, to facilitate aesthetic pleasure and, to retain cognitive ability.

Most musicians, songwriters, painters, composers, football players and a league of creative people have admitted the fact that doodling was their vent out at some point in time in their lives.

Even Google also make interactive doodles to highlight any special event or to commemorate any great personality. It has taken this art-form to another level.

In the recent years, the art of doodling has evolved remarkably,

From sheer “scribbling” now, it has become one of the powerful tools of self-expression & revolution.