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Garima Patni - Creator of Idle DoodleAn unapologetic misfit, who strolled through the streets of art to experience ecstasy in her life. Initially, the creative doodling was a part of her leisure activity. It was her near & dear ones who made her realize how blessed she is to possess such creative instincts.

Being a bright student, she successfully handled her own share of mental tussles and performance pressure at school and, passed her higher-secondary exams from commerce stream with flying colors. Then she took admission in Delhi University (one of the prestigious university in India) to attain a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. To ace in her career, she enrolled herself for the Chartered Accountancy (C.A.) course (an esteemed professional course).

Like any commerce student, Garima dreams to be a C.A however, destiny intended a different route for her.

Her whole world came crashing down when she failed in her IPCC group 1 (the second level of C.A. exams) with a margin of mere 12 marks. This was the major turning point in her life as she has never before doomed to failure in any aspect of life.

And, it is said that in every breakdown, there is a hidden opportunity for a breakthrough.

Garima Patni - Creator of Idle DoodleGarima gracefully turned her breakdown into a breakthrough by creating a youtube channel overnight. Her youtube channel “idle doodle” becomes the ray of sunshine in her career, and the rage of failure took a back seat.

As everyone since childhood used to tell her to mainly focus on studies so, her vent out came through all these doodling videos. Within a short span of time, she is able to attract more than 21,000 subscribers on her channel. She also brings her Facebook & Instagram page “idle doodle” into existence.,

All the appreciation she receives from her subscribers, family and, friends keeps her devoted to bringing her fertile imagination into reality. She is adamant about treading a fresh path which may lead humanity to peace, compassion, and, beauty. Her tools? Just pen and paper!!

She strongly believes that every person comes with a flame of art inside him and, has to find his own ways to vent that fire out. It can be traveling, music, food, art or poetry etc.

Thus, proudly choosing her own way of a “proud idle doodler”