7 Reasons you should start doodling

>>>>7 Reasons you should start doodling

7 Reasons you should start doodling

How often do you doodle in a day? Well, most of us love to do it but often get criticized by others as doodling holds a bad reputation in the school and workplaces for being a total wastage of time but the real fact is that this art form is packed with a plethora of benefits.


It has been scientifically proven that the act of doodling can boost your creative instincts. It is a great way to release all your inner creativity. Whether you do it as a hobby or want to pursue it professionally, Doodling can help you to be more productive & creative.  Doodling is all about scribbling absent-mindedly so by letting your sub-conscious thoughts flow on the paper, you can become more creative & improve your overall performance.

Before diving into the reasons to start doodling, first, let’s discuss

What are doodles?

Doodles are the act of scribbling or drawing in an unconscious manner. Unlike other art forms, it doesn’t follow any set of rules as most people tend to doodle when their mind is pre-occupied with other things. The act of doodling is a great way to let your subconscious thought out of the mind. Just by scribbling, you can improve your cognitive abilities. Doodling is truly revolutionizing as helps you explore new ideas.

The art of doodling can highly useful as it helps in keeping the mind creative and productive. By doodling on a daily basis, you can keep all your stress & tension at bay.

In this article, we’ll discuss all 5 reasons why you should start doodling:

It helps in eliminating creative blocks

No matter how creative a person is, no one is immune to creative blocks, however, you can surely fix it to some extent through doodling. One of the major reasons why everyone should consider doodling is that it helps in avoiding creative blocks. Instead of writing down your ideas on paper, you should consider doodling them as our brain can respond better to visual information rather than textual information.

Even many successful people tend to doodle while brainstorming their creative ideas. So by doing this regularly, you can eliminate creative blocks.

Communicate ideas in a better way

The next reason to start doodling is that it can help you communicate your ideas in a better way.  Doodling is definitely a great tool to better represent your creative thoughts & ideas. There are so many different languages that people around the world speak, but doodling is a universal language that you can use to put across your ideas to someone who doesn’t speak your language.

Also, another benefit of using doodling as a mode of communicating ideas is that it is quite easy to remember. One can easily retain all the visual information as it easily stays longer on people’s minds.

Relieves stress & tension

Doodling is undoubtedly a stress buster that can make your mind more calm & soothing. Even random scribbling for 20 minutes is enough to get all the worries out of your mind. By doodling all your abstract thoughts, you can make relieve your stress, and free up your mind from all tension.  Doodling is considered therapeutic which is why most therapists use doodling as a tool to diagnose emotional issues.

Great way to learn new things

The next reason to start doodling is that it can help you learn new things. If you want to learn new things then you should consider doodling to have a better understanding of the new subject. Many researchers have proven the fact that doodling the newly learned concepts can help in remembering them for longer.

Better analyze things

The next reason to start doodling is that it helps in better analyzing things. When you doodle, it helps in training your analytical & observational skills. You can unwind all your creative instincts & can also train your mind to analyze every minute detail that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Through doodling, you can spur your creative thoughts & create something that helps in personal and creative development.

Encourage self-discovery

The next reason to start doodling is that it can help in encouraging self-discovery. Doodling allows your mind to express yourself. By making doodle art daily, you can channelize all your inner creativity. It allows your unconscious mind to express all the suppressed emotions and can take you on a journey of self-discovery.

Keep your mind in a calm & peaceful state

The next benefit of starting doodle art is that it helps in keeping your mind in a calm & peaceful state. Even creating simple doodles can soothe your mind and can encourage mindfulness. Doodling helps in relieving psychological distress & helps in keeping your mind less stressed and more focused. Many pieces of research have proven that practicing mindful doodling can make you more productive and happier.

No matter what people say but doodling is a great art form that can help you clarify your mind and can help it grow. Doodling on a daily basis can also helps in improving your creativity level & also encourage you to become better in other areas of life.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that Doodling is more than just a pastime. Doodling is a rewarding experience that can reduce all your stress and can make you multitask & concentrate. So, next time if someone says that doodling is a total wastage of time then you should tell them all these benefits associated with doodling.

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